Professional Services

Every business has its own unique challenges.

In today’s complex marketplace, no single solution can be just right for everyone. Your business should be no exception. That is why we provide a range of services that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. As the leading developer of software and technology for the woodworking industry, we can offer you unmatched knowledge and experience in addition to products spanning the entire design to manufacturing process.

So whether you are a small business wanting to achieve growth or a large company seeking to streamline your production processes, we will work with you to customize a solution that is right-sized for you.

Some of our Professional Services include:

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Custom Reports

The information you want, exactly how you want it. Learn more about custom reports.

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Custom Programming

Custom solutions for your custom business. Let us help you extend the functionality of your software and technology to solve your specific problems.

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Consulting Services

Proven experience, working for you. Take advantage of the knowledge our team has gained with implementing technologies for thousands of businesses.

*Customizations to reports, posts, User Created Standards (UCS’s), libraries, etc. to solve for specific customer needs and requirements available through our Professional Service Program are created to work with the latest version of software available.  Our Professional Service Manager will advize you if a version upgrade is required and/or recommended prior to the onset of the project in order for you to benefit from this value added service.  Please note that customizations made to reports, posts, UCS’s, libraries, etc. may require continued maintenance to continue working properly with new versions of the software.  Your initial purchase for any type of customization does not cover continued maintenance of the solution provided.  There will be additional  maintenance fees to upgrade your customization to work with the latest releases of the software.